You're on the subway, tired as always. But something ain't right. The fear of falling asleep drives you to absurd actions. Keep your sanity — but more importantly, keep your eyes open. Things are lurking in the dark, and with every stop the passengers seem to get more and more creepy. Can you make it home alive?

Explore the rich, reality-bending world of Limb City, including 14  characters   with fully-fledged interactive dialogues


WASD - Walk

E - Interact/Continue

Mouse Click - Select Answer


- The game currently closes itself after finishing a round. Just restart  to try again!

- There's a  bug where you don't die when your Health reaches 0. Instead, the doors open and the game gets stuck. We are fixing this asap.

- We are still working out many other small bugs, including the fact that the Lady with the Dog does not seem to want to get off the train... and is floating next to her seat.


LiminalLine_original.rar 28 MB
Download 34 MB


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Cool game, although maybe too hard. Maybe I´m too sleepy while writing this, but I so get the vibe, and the visuals are great.

I encountered a bug: Setting the stroller on fire triggers an event which just loops till I die.

nice story

Hey, thanks for checking out the game (and playtesting it for us, lol)!
In case you were wondering about the ending: the game got stuck around 6:10 when your health reached 0. This is a basically game-breaking bug that should be fixed within the next few days. What you saw in this video isn't even half the content! :D

nice novel but I came here thinking this is some kind of roguelike

Thanks for playing! We're still tweaking the survival aspects and have yet to implement randomization :)

I will be playing this live 11/14 around 630-7 PM EST.

We'll be there :>

Deleted 1 year ago

ok ok im sorry this is the official link.

Random Games!!


thank u so much for playing! :) And sorry for the too fast text - we didn't get a chance to fix that yet but we'll work on it.

no prob. I'm going to run a few stream test and play the rest on Twitch tonight. Idk why the internet was acting weird yesterday.